Accessories are always a woman’s best pick when it comes to channeling her personality with subtle notes of style. Accessories that are bold and loud allow women to grab attention and stand out in the crowd by exuding a powerful aura of confidence.

Allow us to introduce you to an exciting round-up of sassy and badass accessories that will give your everyday ensembles a glamorous pop of boldness.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Statement Earrings

Ladies, designers seem to be obsessed with chunky and larger-than-life earrings that graze the neck and some even extend over to the shoulders. These large, shoulder-grazing delights are studded with precious and semi-precious gemstones, crystal chandeliers and pearls, while some designs are also carved out with marbles and sleek metallic surfaces. Statement earrings are a definite must-have for a bold and glamorous festive statement.

Fringes & Tassels

Be it a rowdy pair of fringed knee-high cowgirl boots, or flirtatiously romantic tassel statement earrings, these Boho trends are bold and loud. They make a woman stand out with their eclectic glamour, allowing her to ravish in her confidence and sass. The best part is, you can pair up tassels and fringes in your everyday looks with effortless ease. Sneak up a suede crossbody bag with fringed detailing, or chunky tassel earrings, even a tasseled belt would create a bold pop of charm!

Sensually, Bralette

Bralettes are insanely sexy and if you don’t own at least one skimpy lace bralette, girl, you’re definitely doing something wrong. These are the ultimate styling gun for a bold and sassy statement, be it black tie, streetwear or a club night outfit. You can flaunt these with tuxedos, blazers, leather jackets, silk dresses, crop tops and so much more