Apr 24th 2020


Ixchel is a family owned business and when we started it was just three sisters sitting around a computer in the living room. When we began, we solely drop shipping products and working with vendors that made that possible. After some time of hand picking the best of items, we realized that they did not quite fit the vision of where we wanted to go.

So we decided to overhaul our company to provide a service that we care about and can be proud of. With that came the process of filing our company and obtaining Limited Liability Corporation status. After that the next step was to work with a designer that created artwork that best represented our brand and what we stand for. From there we found vendors that could take that artwork and print, stitch and embroider it on hand picked and designed apparel.

What’s changed……

With the changes we have had to let go of some of the vendors, and certain products. One of the biggest changes is the removal of fragrances from our site. We want to try and keep the shopping experience more streamlined and efficient.

What’s to come……

Our site will be under some construction, we wanted to provide a design that was more user friendly, especially while using you mobile or tablet. We are currently finding a way to incorporate some original artwork into unique designs. Also, in the near future we will be debuting a sister site that will bring back your favorite scents and other beauty products. Stay tuned and don’t forget to subscribe.